Sustainability: another form of well-being we cherish

We create spaces dedicated to people’s well-being, and we do this with solutions that are also beneficial for the environment. Sustainability is part of our identity and we’re always careful to select production systems that protect the environment.

From a preference for FSC certified suppliers (Forest Stewardship Council), to the reuse of all sorts of production waste for energy and to support for the Green Teen Team Foundation, Th.Kohl returns to the planet what the planet so generously gives to us.

Where we produce in a sustainable way

We support those who are helping to increase respect for the environment

Big dreams often start in the hearts of little ones and grow through their actions, which they carry out today for a better tomorrow. Th.Kohl supports the Green Teen Team Foundation: an organisation that spreads the idea of respect for the environment.
It teaches the younger generation about the importance of sustainability and biodiversity by protecting endangered species, waste recycling and the restoring natural environments. As we know, the best seeds spread the best fruits fastest. Green Teen Team Foundation is already active in Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, the Maldives, South Africa, Madagascar, the Seychelles and France.


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