Our history has always been forward looking

33,000 pharmacist customers and a history that spans almost one hundred years: Th.Kohl’s figures are impressive, and are due to a vision that’s always been always innovative, able of anticipate the needs of the pharmacy world and evolve with it.
The brand bears the spirit, the entrepreneurship and the surname of Theodor Kohl, who set up the Italian branch of this company at Badia Calavena in the province of Verona (Italy), having originally been founded by his father in Germany in 1919.

Decades have passed, trends and needs have changed, and steadily, project by project, Th.Kohl Italia has become a European leader in the field of interior pharmacy design. A leadership that’s confirmed every day by our original and innovative designs, developed by our company of trained and up-to-date professionals, as well as collaborations with internationally renowned designers like Antonio Citterio and Alberto Meda. Today, the functionality, aesthetics and the uniqueness of Th.Kohl’s furnishing systems continues to provide pharmacists with an opportunity of enhancing their professionalism.

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