A local history,
a future without borders

Different countries, different needs, unique know-how.

We have years of experience and have worked throughout Europe, sharing our know-how on a daily basis and thus widened our knowledge base considerably. We have a presence in Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Croatia: different places, cultures and points of view, giving us a broad, continually updated vision of the world of pharmacy.

Our international spirit allows us to spot trends, styles and even new business opportunities.

That’s why, as a group, we’ve become leaders in our field.

Our strength: Research and Innovation


Pharmacies designed


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8.200 mq

Years of experience


Th.Kohl’s vision

At Th.Kohl we always start with the pharmacist. We start with their personal expectations, their approach and their professional aspirations. We want to know everything about them: their business, its customers, the place where they work. Because inside every white coat, there isn’t merely a man or a woman, there’s an entrepreneur, unique in their identity and their choices. As unique as the designs we prepare for them to display their professionalism.
Each of our layouts is an expression of architectural beauty, profitability, aesthetics and functionality. Above all, it’s a showcase that can express every pharmacist’s full potential. Because the pharmacist is always at the centre of all our projects. And this philosophy has been central to our success for almost a century.

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