Many tools, endless opportunities
a unique style

In every space and at all times, Th.Kohl signed pharmacies communicate their image in a consistent way with a unique, strong, differentiating identity.

Because for Th.Kohl, communication in a pharmacy is the piece that dresses and completes architecture and design, enhancing the effectiveness of the message. It is an indispensable tool for distinguishing itself in an ever-evolving market through values and identities in daily dialogue with the customer. It is the opportunity for the pharmacist to convey a modern, entrepreneurial and winning image of their business, maximizing their profitability.

Here are the tools that a pharmacy designed by Th.Kohl uses to stand out.

Communication Concept: The Heart of every identity

For Th.Kohl every pharmacy has different qualities, characteristics and identities. For this reason Th.Kohl identifies the distinctive features of every pharmacy, taking into account its history, its peculiarities, the inclinations and professionalism of the team that works there.
All precious elements to give life to the concept that will inspire each communication tool.
The concept will ensure the consistency of the message, thus guaranteeing the uniqueness of the pharmacy.

The logo: a signature to stand out

The pharmacy logo is the “pleasure of knowing”, the first way to present yourself to the public, it is the first tool to communicate the identity. That is why we are aware of its importance and therefore we pay a lot of attention to its realization. Th.Kohl is structured to study the pharmacist’s logo with colors and symbols that are in line with the communication concept, so that it represents it in each tool.

Furnishings and design: a unique and special welcome

Architecture is designed not only to accommodate the client in the best way, but to dialogue with it by expressing the image of the pharmacy. As many identities, many and different messages to tell as many pharmacies there are. For this reason, color combinations, graphic styles, texts, choice of materials and finishes are different each time in returning to the architectural choices of that uniqueness that distinguishes every pharmaceutical activity.

Exposure: the products become the protagonists

Our solutions are designed to enhance the products and visually organize the various merchandise.
Graphics and texts are always consistent with concept, architecture and design spaces, and work in synergy to guide the patient into product choice with a visual merchandising and category management project designed for maximum aesthetic and commercial performance.

Other communication tools

Brochures, catalogs, folders, promotional material, but also billboards and insignia: communicating pharmacy values in a coordinated way is the first goal in the business vision of the modern pharmacist. All the Th.Kohl communication tools are consistent with each other and with the general concept in order to guarantee the brand’s personality and great recognizability. From promotions, business and product communications, institutional information, every opportunity is important to stand out.