Our project is designed around the people

Becoming a Pharmacist. Working as a Pharmacist. For us at Th.Kohl, the difference is enormous. Because of this, our method starts with the basics. We want to understand every pharmacist’s approach, abilities, objectives and expectations: aspects that are as unique as their individual professional profiles. Being then becomes working, using a proven method which transforms our analysis into a concrete design.

A pharmacy with an architectural design that’s functional and attractive, that thinks about preferred flows and the requirements of product display, and where institutional and promotional communications give added value to the space. Pharmacy design thus becomes the expression of a wide-ranging business project that provides a plan for increasing profitability, a thorough knowledge of the geographical location and the targets, and gives every pharmacist greater professional satisfaction and fulfilment.

The Th.Kohl Method

A four-step method that helps every pharmacy to prosper

For Th.Kohl, redesigning a pharmacy space is redesigning the future of the business.
Refurbishment is a unique opportunity to add impetus to the pharmacist’s entrepreneurship as part of a wide-ranging project.

The Th.Kohl method is the result of a comprehensive vision which interprets an architectural layout as a combination of aesthetics and space optimisation, and provides strong communications so the pharmacist’s concrete, measurable objectives can be achieved.

It’s a four-stage journey for planning, achieving and maintaining success.

When the project turns into reality

We listen, analyse, study and design, and finally create a new identity. An identity as unique as every pharmacist’s professional identity, and as unique as the choice of architecture, fixtures and fittings Th.Kohl have designed to enhance any pharmacy. Whatever the space, whatever the place, we interpret the characteristics and requirements of the individuals who choose us, with an original touch every time. Th.Kohl layouts thus become precious tools for promoting your image, your business and your growth.
Here are the pharmacies that have chosen us to help them develop their businesses and grow.

Farmacia Greco, Tarquinia - vista dal fondo