Kohl interiors

Forma was the first horizontal display system designed by Kohl Interiors.
Thanks to the precision of its structural design, the system makes the products the highlights of the retail space. Its ability to serve as the background displaying products makes it highly suitable in all those cases where a minimal presence of display facilities is required.
Forma is inherently suitable for displaying products. It uses a well-structured range of accessories which allow customisation of any of its spaces where necessary. Its unique feature is therefore that planning can be carried out in much more detail. The rules of visual merchandising can be correctly applied in the pharmacy using the most appropriate specific fixtures for the information.
The system provides maximum product visibility, has a very large capacity and, like all of the subsequent pharmacy furnishing systems designed by Th.Kohl, it can be easily dismantled and reused in different configurations. A wide range of accessories allows marketing and visual merchandising to take place in the pharmacy.

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