Alberto Meda

The XF line bears the signature of one of the most popular and award-winning international industrial designers: it is one of the most recent Th.Kohl creations and one of the most innovative furnishing systems in the entire sector. The system is extremely lightweight, simple and flexible and can respond to numerous layout needs with a multiplicity of appropriate solutions.
Its versatility allows it to respond effectively to the needs of modern stores: that of having display systems that can be adapted to a wide range of configurations.

A unique lightness, but with two souls: material and visual.
Its material lightness comes from the use of aluminium, which is extremely durable and surprisingly lightweight. Its visual lightness is displayed by a simple, basic design which combines perfectly with the brightness and transparency of the glass used in both the shelves and the backs. A lightness which gives the setting more space in which the product becomes the highlight.

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