the multidisciplinary vision
becomes architecture

Under Th.Kohl’s designers’ hands, the pharmacy layout takes shape. A layout inspired by the designer’s creativity and sensitivity, that responds to all the elements that have emerged during the two preceding stages. The architecture, choice of materials and technology enhance the pharmacist’s professionalism giving a very personal result which is designed to achieve the stated and shared goals of both the pharmacy and the business.
The refurbishment is both the realisation of the pharmacist’s aspirations and a radical change in his/her professional life. The owner and his/her team spend the whole day in the pharmacy, so it is
important to create a pleasant and rewarding working environment which at the same time has a functional plan for the pursuit of increased store profitability.

In detail, this phase consists of the design of:

  • Layout and distribution of the fixtures and fittings
  • Lighting and focal points
  • Enhancement of communication
  • Automation and new technologies
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