Opportunities for young talent

Th.Kohl nurtures the great aspiration for even more accessible well-being and an ever better quality of life. It also nurtures the talents of young pharmacists. Th.Kohl is committed to achieving this aspiration. This is a commitment it shares with the Agifar Academy, the Foundation arising from collaborations with the Association for Young Pharmacists in Italy. It aims to help and support pharmacists in the early years of practising their profession by providing them with suitable professional training.

Since 2016, Th. Kohl has dedicated a space for Agifar’s exclusive use, with the aim of offering young pharmacists the highest level of training within a structure that allows them to acquire the tools to develop, from both the technical-scientific and the managerial point of view. Specialist courses on counter management, administration and marketing for a pharmacy-business which take place in the classroom and the dispensary (an exclusive Th. Kohl design) allows young
talents to practise and refine their knowledge of one of the fundamental cornerstones of the pharmacy profession: drug preparation.

All this constitutes the Training Centre: a great opportunity that Th. Kohl group offers the Agifar Academy, so young Italian pharmacists can be professionally trained with innovative tools, but above all, ensures they come into contact with a company which has been operating in the world of pharmacy for years, knows its dynamics perfectly and is a leader in the sector.

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