The right fixtures and fitting,
for every pharmacy

Chest of drawers for the pharmacy, dispensary areas, consultation rooms and sliding cabinets,
because a pharmacy is composed of a multitude of elements, which all have to be perfect in every detail.


Our commitment to improving displays led us to be the first to devise this product, with the aim of freeing up space on the shelf and increasing the variety of products, by manufacturing drawers of maximum strength with a high storage capacity.


For Th.Kohl, the dispensary is a fascinating world. Here the pharmacist displays his or her professionalism, a professionalism practised for the well-being of the population. A place that demands maximum safety, functionality and care, which Th.Kohl guarantees with ad hoc furnishing solutions.


The consultation rooms also say a lot about a pharmacy. Here, the design and refinement of each detail creates an experiential environment that enhances the space. The most supreme examples are the rooms for beauty treatments.


Pharmacy sliding cabinets ensure the best ratio between the space occupied and the volume of goods stored. Mounted on trolleys with steel wheels that can bear heavy loads, sliding cabinets allow the efficient organisation of any space.


VI.CO. defines the customer’s path with your pharmacy. Designed by Alberto Meda, the system ranges from exhibitors to self-standing supports, bench-to-door ladders, and any other accessory that allows the pharmacist to present his products and services to the fullest.