Exciting retail experience in your pharmacy

A shop isn’t just the point of sale that makes businesses profitable, it’s also the contact point between the customer and the world of brands. Here, the customer discovers brands and learns about their values, their history and their philosophy. A shop is also where a company offers customers its point of view, and shares a lifestyle via an experience, an atmosphere and a philosophy. A shop with a strong identity provides all of this; which is what Th. Kohl wants to create for pharmacies.

With Pha.Re., Th.Kohl offers a new approach to pharmacy in a retail space where aesthetics and functionality are not a contradiction.

In particular, Pha.Re focuses on routes and focus points: their design centres on the functional sequence of areas, the creation and distribution of activities within a shop, the layout of fixtures and fittings, where rest areas and attractive areas are at the heart of the project.

Fixtures and fittings and the displays: which are the most attractive and functional elements? Where do you position them on the route? (Analysis of use, size and type depending on the product and its position, effectiveness of the display, visual merchandising, the art of displaying a product).

Because the pharmacy isn’t just a shop, it’s also a tool for communications and marketing, portraying a lifestyle, raising customer loyalty, competing commercially, functional and promotional efficiency and increasing business.

Th.Kohl is ready to offer suggestions. Via Pha.Re.


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