Milano (MI) - Via Bigli, 28


Product line
Th.Kohl's design for the Manzoni pharmacy involved a complete overhaul of the space in order to create more room for displays and a larger customer area. For this reason, Th.Kohl created an integrated design that saw the pharmacy being fitted with an automated Pharmathek storeroom and furnishings from the Forma line by Kohl Interiors. The space, characterised by simple and elegant lines, stands out thanks to the warm colours ranging from beige to dark brown via oak, as well as an elegant ceiling fitted with a sophisticated lighting system.


"Once I was told that the pharmacy needed to be renovated, I ordered designs and estimates from three companies, one of which was Th.Kohl, whose reputation I already knew about. Once we had compared the designs, we chose the latter due to the high quality and functionality of the proposed furnishings and automation solutions. Since working with them, the new set-up has allowed us to better manage our space, and the layout gives us a professional appearance." Dr. Villa

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