Genova (GE) - Via Silvio Lagustena, 60


Product line
For the renewal of the Pharmacy Massa of dr. Rebecchi it has been created a project able to make the environment more modern and bright. To do this, various solutions have been adopted, including the luminous LEDs placed at the lower ends of the sales counters, the spotlights encased in the elegant false ceiling, and the exhibitors with opaque glass backgrounds placed in front of the large windows of the room to let the natural light filter through. The furnishing project was also integrated with an automation project: a Pharmathek robot was installed, aimed not only at making space management more rational, but also at optimizing work.


We wanted to rely on Th.Kohl for the previous positive experiences. In the family we have entrusted ourselves to the company at different times and for different pharmacies, and we have always been satisfied. Choosing again Th.Kohl, I knew that I would have to deal with a company that directly manages both the design and production of furniture, which allows me to have the security about the quality of the result and the durable materials. Choosing Th.Kohl means investing in quality furniture that lasts over time and that adapts to time: it is not a "rigid" furniture that after a short time you perceives the need to change. I find that the company, compared to others, has always been a step forward for materials and architecture, and this allows you to have a furniture that is always current. Maybe it change the outline, the plasterboard of the structure, but the furnishings are adapted to the time of the pharmacy. Dr. Carlo Rebecchi

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