Udine - Via Pracchiuso, 46


Product line
For the renovation of the historic Ariis Pharmacy, it has been realized a project that is able both to enhance the historic furniture of the pharmacy and to underline how the pharmacy is also a modern and always updated reality. In the large sales area, customers have a complete view of all the product sectors, as well as the services offered, appropriately reported by a specific in-store communication. In order to provide the various services offered, in addition to the sales area, two separate service cabins have been built, one dedicated to self-analysis and reservations, one to consultancy and cosmetics.


The decision to restructure the pharmacy represented an epochal transition, which revolutionized our pharmacy and the very idea we had of pharmacy. And we wanted to rely on Th.Kohl for this revolution because among the various companies contacted was the one that really offered us a tailor-made project, able to fully reflect our identity. I really appreciated the path we did together with the company and that led us to jointly realize this new "tailor-made suit" of the pharmacy, realized taking into account our needs and expectations. Dr. Mario Ariis

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