The project of
Pharmacy Badoc

Sant Nicolas de Port (France)
Doctor Badoc

The project

When renovating their premises, Pharmacy Badoc in Sant Nicolas de Port in western France aimed to improve not only the company’s profitability but also the customer experience, creating specially-made experiential paths and using communication tools in the pharmacy to make it easier for customers to orientate themselves. Since the pharmacy occupies a large space, the client wanted to clearly indicate the various product areas using signs, images and symbols. In addition, a map showing the various product areas was placed on the wall by the entrance.

The use of light colours for the furnishings makes the space fresh and bright, while the careful positioning of the circular lights helps to give it character.

Pharmacie Badoc

Pharmacist's review

My goal was to expand the pharmacy, to increase the offer of products and services. I chose Th.Kohl because their project allowed me to have an open space in my pharmacy. I wanted to give an authentic and sweet image of the pharmacy. In addition, meticulous attention was given to the lights, to the colours and to the furniture installed in the project. The focus was on the customer flow: a circuit was created so that the customer could see the wide choice of product we offer. This has allowed us to increase the offer linked to dermocosmetics.
In addition, the Kohl Group also accompanied me in the choices related to merchandising. I have eliminated some products and adopted other brands and I am very satisfied about it. 

Doctor Badoc

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