The project of
Pharmacy Besqueut

Toulon (France)
Doctor Besqueut

The project

The Pharmacy Besquet , in the south-east of France, is an interesting example of how a clever use of icons can represent not only an excellent help for customers to orient themselves in the pharmacy, but also a perfect decorative element. In fact, the various departments of the pharmacy, like the areas dedicated to dermocosmetic and childhood, are clearly identifiable in a playful and welcoming way, capable of transmitting a pleasant sense of warmth and familiarity. This is helped by the presence of a children’s drawing area and the use of wood for the floor.

The pleasantness of the environment is accompanied by the efficiency of the layout, made even more profitable thanks to the installation of a Pharmathek warehouse automation system.

Pharmacist's review

Once we perceived the need to renovate our pharmacy, we contacted a designer but, after receiving a newsletter from Th.Kohl, we decided to arrange a meeting with the company. Their project was much more ambitious and corresponded perfectly to our expectations and the new needs of our patient-clients. Thanks to Th.Kohl’s project and business plan, we have launched our own range of beauty products, which is performing very well.

We now have a nice pharmacy and the customers are very happy about it. We have attracted new people and increased customer loyalty. With the renewal, the turnover increased by 20% compared to the first year, although we had planned to reach this goal in 4 or 5 years.


Doctor Besqueut

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