The project of
Pharmacy Bocchetti

Comiso (Italy)
Doctor Elena Bocchetti

The project

Pharmacy Bocchetti, in Cosimo in the province of Ragusa (Italy), is characterized by an essential design but with a very interesting result obtained thanks to a clever use of lights. In fact, the pharmacy presents simple but elegant XF by Alberto Meda exhibitors, some with an opaque glass back and others without backrest, in order to do not hide the elegant wooden color of the walls behind.

The room is dominated by a white false ceiling enriched by special light with white and blue effects that allow the pharmacy to obtain a very suggestive atmosphere. Everything is accompanied by graphic and communication elements created by Th.Kohl, aimed at creating a unitary and well-defined visual identity.

Farmacia Bocchetti, Comiso

Pharmacist's review

Doctor Bocchetti, what led you to decide to rely on Th.Kohl for the renovation of your pharmacy?

When I bought my pharmacy, I immediately decided that I would move it to a new location in order to start the business from scratch, with an ad hoc project. I had drawn up my business plan, objectives, mission and vision that would guide my business.

Browsing through the various websites, I felt that Th.Kohl was the company most in line with my needs and with the ability to transform my ideas into reality. And so it was. 


Doctor Elena Bocchetti

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