The project of
Pharmacy Calì

Vittoria (Italy)
Doctor Marta Mancuso

The project

For the Pharmacy Calì we wanted to create a bright and modern environment where customers could move freely to the different product sectors adequately marked by communication elements.
The choice of neutral colors for the furnishings and the structural elements of the pharmacy, such as columns and floors, makes it possible to bring out the products on the shelves and the services offered. In particular, in the area dedicated to food, a cooking area has been added to give demonstrations and tastings of special foods.

In order to dedicate more space and time to customers and their needs, a robotized Pharmathek warehouse was installed.

Farmacia Calì, Vittoria

Pharmacist's review

Doctor Mancuso, what do you think about your new pharmacy?

I am very satisfied with the result, now I have a pharmacy up to the level of the professionalism of my staff and customers can immerse themselves in a 360 ° wellness path.


Doctor Marta Mancuso

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