The project of
Pharmacy De Cecco

Anguillara Sabazia (Italy)
Doctor Luciano and Alfredo De Cecco

The project

For Pharmacy De Cecco it has been created a project characterized by clean and elegant lines, as well as the choice to use the black and white tone, which is timeless.

Along the walls of the room they have been installed elegant XF exhibitors, designed by the multi-award-winning designer Alberto Meda, with backgrounds which are in opaque glass when placed in front of the windows of the room, or white lacquered when placed along the perimeter walls. These exhibitors create a sort of visual tunnel that takes the client-patient’s gaze to the back of the room where a large counter with 4 work stations awaits. Behind the counter you can see the Pharmathek robotized warehouse.

Farmacia De Cecco, Anguillara

Pharmacist's review

Doctor De Cecco, what led you to decide to rely on Th.Kohl for the renovation of your pharmacy?

Certainly the previous positive experiences: my father had entrusted Th.Kohl for the previous restructuring and was satisfied with it. And from this it was natural to want to entrust himself again to those who already knew our company and had satisfied our needs.

We are satisfied: the furnishings and the Pharmathek robot (also from the Th.Kohl Group) reflect our expectations, there were no delays in deliveries or other logistical problems.

And from the renovation there has certainly been an improvement in the quality of work. 


Doctor Luciano and Alfredo De Cecco

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