The project of
Pharmacy Dello Rosso

Serre di Rapolano Terme (Italy)
Doctor Monica Dello Rosso

The project

The proposed solution for Pharmacy Dello Rosso in Serre di Rapolano Terme divides spaces into two main areas: the cosmetics department and the one dedicated to prescription medication.
The cosmetics department is characterised by elegant XF displays by Alberto Meda with lacquered glass backs, topped by pink panels bearing two aphorisms linked to the world of beauty. The chosen colours and shapes are aimed at catching the eye of customers, who can then be welcomed at a circular information desk situated in the centre of the area.

The area dedicated to prescription medication has been designed to contrast sharply with the cosmetics zone. It is a dynamic environment, partly due to the prevalence of neutral colours.

Farmacia Dello Rosso - Rapolano Terme, bancone

Pharmacist's review

Doctor Dello Rosso, what do you think about your new pharmacy?

I can’t describe the satisfaction that the furnishing solutions designed and installed by Th.Kohl have brought me. I believe that the new set-up will be better able to highlight our pharmacy’s specialisations and that it is the perfect way to express and emphasise our corporate identity.


Doctor Monica Dello Rosso

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