The project of
Pharmacy Des Amonts

Les Ulis (France)
Doctor Licha

The project

This pharmacy was projected following the desire of the owner to have a pharmacy focused on advice and hospitality, giving ample space to orthopedics and improving its offer.
In the central section of the pharmacy, a glass door opens onto two private cabins: an orthopedic room and a room dedicated to medical care and vaccinations.In addition to the multiple operator counters located at the back of the room, there is also a focus point at the center of the room where there is always a member dedicated to the council.

In order to allow the environment to be as bright as possible, elegant XF glass-bottomed display units have been installed along the large side window, which harmonize well with the wooden floor and the wall colors.

Pharmacie Des Amonts M. Licha

Pharmacist's review

I discovered Th.Kohl via newsletter and through a company brochure that was sent to us. When it was time to create the new pharmacy, I turned to Th.Kohl and two other designers, but we preferred the project of Th.Kohl, very innovative and revolutionary over the projects proposed by the others.

I love the design of the furniture and the atmosphere they were able to create. All our suppliers and customers have told us that they have never seen a pharmacy like ours: nice, pleasant and spacious. The professionalism and experience of Th.Kohl are immediately recognizable also with regard to the signage and display of products, whose management was carried out in such a way as to favor, at my request, the medical aspect of my profession.

Now I have a bespoke, personalized pharmacy. Th.Kohl has created a welcoming space capable of enhancing the medical aspect.
They fully understood my priorities and from these they created a unique pharmacy, different from the others.

Doctor Licha

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