The project of
Pharmacy Internazionale Storari

Gardone Riviera (Italy)
Doctors Albano and Alberto Storari

The project

For the Pharmacy Internazione of Doctors Storari we wanted to create a modern environment but able to preserve the historic charm of the pharmacy. Precisely for this reason, on one side of the pharmacy we have the black painted historical cabinet, on the top of which there are several antique pharmacy vases, and a counter with two white lacquered work stations and a marble surface.

On the opposite side there are elegant XF exhibitors, designed by the internationally renowned designer Alberto Meda with a glass back, in order to allow light to enter without problems from the large windows of the room.

Farmacia Internazionale Storari, Gardone Riviera (BS)

Pharmacist's review

Doctor Storari, what led you to decide to rely on Th.Kohl for the renovation of your pharmacy?

Because Th.Kohl is the company number one in pharmacy project. When we decided to renovate, we have contacted several suppliers, among which we chose Th.Kohl both because we felt well followed by the consultant and because the Th.Kohl project was the one that most reflected our tastes. 

Thanks to the renovation we work much better. Ours is a small pharmacy, but the fact that we have changed the furnishings and added a counter has allowed us to optimize space management, to have a more tidy and larger sales area, as well as the space to be dedicated to the advice to the customer.
Not to mention the light: now we can boast a bright, pleasant environment, in which customers are led to look around, something that did not happen before. They look at the shelves, examine the products and serve themselves with an optimization of the service.

Doctor Albano Storari

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