The project of
Pharmacy La Mia Farmacia

Verona (Italy)
Doctor Federica Oreglia

The project

The project for this located in Verona (Italy), was realized in collaboration with L’Oréal. The project is characterized by the great formal cleanness of the entire architectural project, characterized by Forma by Kohl Interiors product line, and by a large window that allows the natural lighting to make brighter the entire environment. Great attention was paid to the layout project in order to create routes that can effectively guide the customer within the different areas of the pharmacy. In this project, the layout is characterized by an important technological vein given by the presence of the automated Pharmathek warehouse and by the presence of two plexiglass pharmaceutical elevators capable of bringing the references directly to the prescription counters.

"La Mia Farmacia" - Verona, area verde

Pharmacist's review

Doctor Oreglia, what do you think about your new pharmacy?

I’m really satisfied with the result: the tailor-made project emphasize our professionality and our values and the exhibitors give the right exposure to products. I really like my pharmacy, it’s unique!


Doctor Federica Oreglia

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