The project of
Pharmacy Morelli

Bracciano (Italy)
Doctors Maurizio and Andrea Morelli

The project

For the Morelli’s Pharmacy the project makes the parquet floor and the beige ceiling contrast with the straight lines of the false ceiling and of the furnishings. This creates a welcoming but dynamic environment, able to remain impressed in the minds of clients-patients and to encourage them to return.

The lighting solutions adopted include a series of circular spotlights recessed into the false ceiling, alternating straight lines with LED lights. Finally, elegant light globes hang above the balcony above.

banco prescrizioni farmacia morelli bracciano

Pharmacist's review

Why did you decide to rely on Th.Kohl for the renovation of your pharmacy?

When we decided to restructure our pharmacy, we did not contact several suppliers because we wanted to go without fail by entrusting us to Th.Kohl, a prestigious name among the manufacturers of furniture for pharmacies. In addition I had seen some of the company’s realizations and I liked them a lot, as well as the project that they realized for us.

Since we have restructured the work has certainly improved. In the pharmacy there is now more light, more space and more order, thanks to the excellent visual merchandising and marketing advice that the company has given us. And customers have shown that they appreciate the result.

Doctor Maurizio Morelli

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