careful analysis
of the pharmacy

In the Th.Kohl vision, a pharmacy is also a business. Because of this, before we reorganise the layout or replace the fixtures and fittings, our method provides a managerial approach, to enhance the pharmacist’s professionalism as regards profitability. The first step in this is to identify which products and services to promote, which to remove, how much space and resources to allocate to internal display in the store and to advise how much importance to attribute to them in terms of space and surroundings. It is therefore essential to have a clear view of the initial condition in order to draw up the best design and the most appropriate strategy.

The tools Th.Kohl makes available for pinpointing a pharmacy’s current condition are:

  • Department Analyses
  • Macro Analysis of Pharmacy Trends
  • Analysis of the competition and definition of the benchmark
  • Geo-marketing
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