sustainable growth

In-between analysing the data and developing the design, we carry out a sustainability study. This second phase identifies the pharmacy’s objectives in terms of sales, profitability and service levels, and defines the short, medium and long term periods over which the results have to be achieved. This is a fundamental stage for the owner, who will be able find out at this stage what’s possible and what’s desirable in terms of profitability and service levels. Once the goals are clear, the route for achieving them can be sketched out.
This route can be adjusted to accommodate the professional characteristics of the pharmacist and the pharmacy. The modifications may include restyling, installing robots in the stock room, producing a communications plan and developing training or, in a more wide-ranging refurbishment project, a combination of all these factors.

In detail, the study phase involves the following activities:

  • Identifying goals
  • Developing a business plan
  • Identifying the break-even point
  • Exploiting untapped potential
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